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Event Name: TERRAIN: The Film
Part 1 Airs: 5th February 2022
Part 2 Airs: 12th February 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

About a month ago I emailed with a special recommendation.

There was a documentary there that I urged you to watch, called TERRAIN.

From what I can tell… many of you watched it… and loved it.

Because I got a heap of emails thanking me for recommending it.

For those that missed out, the good news it that IT IS BACK ON!

And for those that already watched it, PART 2 is going to be released.

TERRAIN covers the battle between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory,

And presents a rock-solid case that viruses don’t exist… at all.

If you want to take your knowledge of disease and healing to the next level,

Then you absolutely must watch TERRAIN.

And as an added bonus, you can improve your life by eliminating fear.

After watching this powerful documentary, you will no longer be scared of someone sneezing and “catching something” from them.

If you use a mask, you will be able to take it off and live without be scared.

I can’t stress enough how watching TERRAIN can change your life for the better, in so many different ways.

The knowledge you will gain is incredible.

Part 1 and Part 2 will stream live on the 1st and 2nd Saturdays in February.

But there are plenty of valuable bonuses for registrants.

Before the documentary goes live each Saturday, there will be a roundtable discussion with the featured cast members.

And after each screening, there will be an audience Q&A session.

You will be learning a lot of new information, so the Q&A session is the perfect chance to have your questions answered and clear any doubts.

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