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Stillbirths are caused by Fetal DNA in Vaccines

This video, Stillbirths are caused by Fetal DNA in Vaccines, was filmed at Colombo Lighthouse, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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The point at which a pregnant woman will go into labour is believed to be triggered when the amount of fetal DNA in her blood passes a certain threshold. The amount of fetal DNA steadily rises over the term of the pregnancy, and scientists and doctors have been aware of this phenomenon for quite some time.

In fact, they employ this for genetic testing. Once enough time has passed in the pregnancy, the fetal DNA levels will be high enough that they can collect the mother’s blood and extract the DNA from the baby. This has been helpful to detect problems such as birth defects, or even determine the sex of the baby before it is born.

Scientists and doctors also know that having too much fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream too early in the pregnancy will lead to a premature birth, or worse, expelling the fetus dead. Scientists also performed a study on mice where they injected fetal DNA and rapidly induced pre-term birth.

So, if the fact that excessive fetal DNA will cause a pregnant mother to expel her baby is so well known, they why on earth are doctors injecting pregnant women with vaccines that contain fetal DNA fragments?

The media, and even some doctors, have been spreading misinformation about the issue by claiming that vaccines are only manufactured using old human fetal cell lines, and that no fetal DNA is in the vaccines. But contamination always occurs during the production process. It’s very easy to measure, and labs do it all the time. The government also knows about it, and has even set recommended maximum limit levels for the vaccines. In fact, the drug companies submit reports to the FDA showing that their vaccines contain these DNA fragments. So, it makes you wonder whether these pro-vaccine doctors and specialists have been paid to lie, or are just completely retarded.

Levels of fetal DNA particles have been measured in people at up to 5ng/ml after vaccination, which is well past the threshold that can induce abortions. This is a mechanism which precisely explains why so many pregnant woman spontaneously abort their babies after a vaccine, or pop out a dead baby within 1 week of getting a vaccine. Then, if the baby does survive, the fetal DNA levels will still be higher than normal and there is a risk of delivering the baby prematurely.

So you now know why vaccines are causing premature births and deaths, but there are other risks from vaccines containing fetal DNA. Vaccines during pregnancy have also been shown to cause pre-eclampsia and growth retardation, and children getting vaccinated after birth can become autistic or develop cancer specifically from the vaccines containing the fetal DNA fragments. Both of these cases will be discussed in more detail in future videos.

For now, you have more than enough proof that you should never give a vaccine to a pregnant woman. In fact, I want to end this video with a personal story about someone I know. They were pregnant and about to get a vaccine. I told them that in many cases the baby will pop out dead, usually within 7 days. They ignored my advice, and got the vaccine. On the 7th day, the baby popped out dead. Right on schedule. So, don’t be like them and ignore this warning about getting vaccinated during pregnancy, or you may face the same fate.

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