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Soft Drinks & Flame Retardants stop you having children

This video, Soft Drinks & Flame Retardants stop you having children, was filmed at Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque (Red Mosque), in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Check out this Dangerous Brominated Vegetable Oils in Soft Drinks video

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Brominated Vegetable Oils, or BVOs, are a toxic chemical used in many Citrus flavoured drinks. It is so dangerous that it is banned in the EU, Japan, India, and a total of over 100 countries worldwide. Countries like the US and Canada allow it, but only in low amounts.

The reason they use BVOs is because the citrus flavours have a low density, and they separate from the other liquids. When combined with the BVO, it stablises the density, and creates a more presentable product. So they claim it is needed, but the funny thing is that the product is sold in countries where it is banned, so there are clearly safe non-toxic alternatives available.

A few of the major drink brands which either currently use BVOs, or have “said they will remove it”, are Mountain Dew, Fanta, Sunkist, SunDrop, Squirt, Gatorade, Powerade, and Fresca.

So what happens when you drink a lot of these products? People have experienced tremors, memory loss, lack of muscle coordination, and eventually the inability to walk. It destroys the nervous system, produces lesions on the heart, and causes cancer, in particular targeting the thyroid, breast, and prostate.

There was a popular claim on the internet that BVO was a flame retardant, and I wanted to set the record straight. There are many brominated products, and there are up to 10 common ones used as substances in flame retardants, as the bromine is crucial in the reaction to produce the fire retarding properties.

Now while it is claimed by the authorities the BVO is not used as a flame retardant, technically it would be possible, but it is likely less effective and more expensive to use than other bromine compounds. So, to answer the question as to whether you are drinking a flame retardant substance, I would say Yes.

Studies were originally done on rats back in the 1970s, and later on humans, and they found that the bromine was stockpiled in their bodies. So if you think you can just stop drinking these toxic drinks, well it won’t be good enough. The poisonous bromine is still stored in your body. You have to detox it out.

One of the results unmasked by the study was that when enough bromine had accumulated in the body, the subjects were unable to reproduce anymore. If you can’t have children, you may have a critical accumulation of bromine in the body, from both the drinks, and other exposures including flame retardants, which they spray on everything now, from household curtains and carpets, to plastic products.

If you do have a critical accumulation of bromine, you won’t ever be able to have children until you get it out. But that is the least of your worries, as the other side effects mentioned earlier are going to come knocking at your door.

It is crucial that you stop drinking these poisons, and exposing yourself to BVOs, and if you have been exposed to them already, it is crucial that you detox them and get them out. For safe and effective BVO detox solutions, visit my website at