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Re:Union Summit 2021

Event Name: Re:Union Summit
Event Starts: 20th March 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

I’m excited about this event: Re:Union Summit 2021.

This is the resistance.

It’s a gathering of like-minded people.

People who are awake to the Convid Scam.

There are millions of us all over the world.

It’s time to gather and support each other.


Re:Union Summit 2021 is a free 7-day interactive event.

It has workshops, panels, talks, presentations, teaching, and discussions.


Examples of things you’ll learn (there will be hundreds!):

• Your lawful rights and how to protect your freedoms
• How to handle real-life challenges, as we learn to stand in who we are
• How to shift our inner world to be resilient and on purpose
• Effectively addressing the underlying causes of health conditions
• A well-rounded, big-picture view that is not all bad news!
• Aligning your home environment for health & well-being
• Strengthening and embodying more of who you truly are
• Decentralized farming and self-sustenance
• How to raise conscious kids
• Co-creating the crypto 3.0 revolution & new holistic economy
• Activating your power and purpose… from the inside out
• How to find and connect with your tribe locally!

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