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Psyllium Husk can cause Ruptured Bowels

This video, Psyllium Husk can cause Ruptured Bowels, was filmed at Sarwaa Lifestyle Store & Café Sarwaa, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

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Check out this Stomach destroyed by Pysllium Husk video

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Check out this Stomach destroyed by Pysllium Husk video

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Check out this Stomach destroyed by Pysllium Husk video

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Check out this Stomach destroyed by Pysllium Husk video

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Got constipation? Want better bowel movements? Need more fibre in your diet? You have probably been told to take Psyllium Husk, especially if you go to a natural health practitioner, or an Ayurvedic doctor.

The husk is taken from plantains, commonly grown in India. It’s actually the main ingredient in Metamucil, so if you are from the west that’s probably where you have heard of it, or when you have taken it.

It works. There is no doubt about it. It does cause a lot better bowel movements, and it is after all, a soluble fibre. But very few people know about the side effects that it can cause.

Some people do notice side effects immediately. They could experience stomach pain, gas, bloating. They may not put it down to psyllium husk, but the reason is that it inflames the gastrointestinal tract. The constant inflammation can lead to colon cancer, which has been confirmed in a number of medical studies. For the bloating and gas, the reason they come about is that little pieces of fibre get stuck in the side of the bowels and they start to ferment. This produces more toxins and it’s more of a load for the body to deal with.

Psyllium husk is indigestible and unusable by the human body, but it is used by a lot of pathogenic bacteria as a fuel source, which sit inside the digestive tract. So it can flare up candida and a lot of other bacteria overgrowths. This produces a chain reaction which the body then has to deal with. A lot more bacterial toxins will be produced.

Fibre inhibits the absorption of crucial minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins. The husk is coated with Phytates, which bind with minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc, causing a lot of malabsorption as well. Stool tests have actually shown that this fibre not only prevents the absorption of minerals and fats, but depletes the bodies reserves, making it a net loss whenever you take it, and is very much a long term danger.

There are a lot of other side effects which have been reported, such as rashes, itching, breathing difficulties, getting a cold, or rectal bleeding when it comes out at the end. So when you take psyllium husk, the body can produce astronomical levels of antibodies. In some people it can actually cause anaphylactic reactions, especially in those with bad allergies.

Although it is there to stop constipation, ironically psyllium husk can also cause constipation in certain people, such as ones who don’t take enough water, maybe they have low water levels in the body. You need to take a lot of water when you are taking something like psyllium husk.

It can cause blockages, and certain medical conditions, like if you have low motility and you are generally not passing bowel movements very well, it is pretty dangerous to take psyllium husk. Bowel polyps, is another problem if you have already got them. There are a few conditions that if you already have, the doctor should never be prescribing you psyllium husk.

The blockages can be very severe and they can lead to bowel perforations, where all of your poop starts leaking inside the body, so psyllium husk is not something to be taken lightly.

Overall, the risks of taking Psyllium Husk greatly outweigh the benefits, in mine and a lot of doctor’s opinions, especially when there are safer solutions to solve the problem which you have, which is why you are originally taking the psyllium husks. To learn about these safe bowel movement remedies, visit my website at