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Pregnancy Fluoride Exposure produces ADHD Children

This video, Pregnancy Fluoride Exposure produces ADHD Children, was filmed at Mount Lavinia Beach, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Check out this Flouride Causes ADHD video

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A recent study performed by scientists at the University of Toronto found that one of the causes of ADHD was exposure to fluoride.

Before I get into this video, a small disclaimer. I personally believe that ADHD is a ficticious disease that is used as an excuse for doctors to sell drugs and make money. For example, a child who is bored at school and instead daydreams, which is normal, is handed this ADHD label when there is nothing wrong with them. However, there are children who do have legitimate symptoms which match those under the ADHD banner, so we will play along with their ficticious name and use it for the purpose of this video.

The study focused on pregnant women and measured their fluoride exposure, and hence the exposure the fetus received, during the pregnancy, and they found the fetuses nervous system was negatively affected by the mother consuming fluoride. This study lasted many years, and included follow-ups and testing on the children when they were between the ages of 6 and 12.

The testing showed they matched the known markers in ADHD scoring. Hyperactivity was not seen, but they were inattentive, showed cognitive problems, and had a lower IQ, based on how much fluoride the mother was exposed to during the pregnancy. Of course, the more fluoride the mother got meant that the children turned out worse.

Fluoride consumption leading to a reduction in IQ was not really surprising, as many studies have already shown this. Plus, the people who are awake know that adding fluoride to the water supply is done by the governments to dumb down the population and make it easier for them to be controlled.

But the ADHD effects of fluoride are something that very parent and potential parent should be aware of. If you want a retarded child who can’t function properly in society, make sure you take fluoride during pregnancy. And if you already have a child like this, you probably should have listened to the people warning about the dangers of fluoride for many years.

So you are probably going to fall into one of two camps of people looking for solutions. If you have a fluoride damaged child, and are looking for a way to heal them, or if you live in a country where the government puts fluoride in your drinking water and want to know the best way to filter it out, please visit my website at