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One COVID Death is Too Many

🦠Covid: 1 death is too many.

💉Vaxxines: Many deaths are no reason for concern, bc it’s for the greater good.

🦠Covid: This virus can cause severe side effects. Though rare, we must not turn a blind eye and we must take it seriously as we don’t know who will be severely affected.

💉Vaxxines: Severe side effects are possible, but so rare. Please don’t pay attention or let anti-vaxxers scare you away from vaccinations. We don’t have any way of knowing who will be affected, but it’s a risk we must be willing to take for the good of society.

🦠Covid: Though 99% may have survived Covid with no issues, were unsure of any side effects that could take place in the long term or later down the road. Take this serious.

💉Vaxxines: You survived your vaccine and you’re fine. Anything that happens down the road is not associated with the vaccine.

🦠Covid: Man has heart attack after being diagnosed with Covid. Though most likely rare, we now know Covid can cause heart attacks!

đź’‰Vaxxine: Boy has seizure after receiving vaccine. This is likely a coincidence and has nothing to do with the vaccine. If it was a result of the vaccine, this is very rare. No reason to be alarmed.

🦠Covid: Man diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy after being diagnosed with Covid. Family says we must take this seriously. Wear your mask and social distance and be afraid.

💉Vaxxine: 4 people diagnosed with Bells Palsy after receiving vaccines. While most likely a coincidence, Bell’s Palsy resolves on its own and its nothing to worry about.

🦠Covid: Believe science. Believe doctors.

đź’‰Vaxxine: I believe in science, except THIS science and all those doctors and scientists must be quacks.

🦠Covid: HCQ doesn’t work, even though tons of doctors are prescribing it and have had success. Even though it’s a 50 year old drug that thousands take daily with no issue. We did a rushed study and a couple of people had bad reactions. Therefore, It’s not safe and we must block people from using it. We don’t know long term effects and we cannot chance it.

đź’‰Vaxxines: Please take this extremely rushed vaccine that hasn’t had time to be properly tested, has NOT been approved by FDA (only approved through EAU – Emergency Auth Use), and please ignore any side effects and don’t worry about any long term effects. The risk is something we must take to help us get rid of this virus that already has a 99% survival rate. But we also aren’t sure if it even stops transmission, so continue to wear a mask and social distance. We also don’t know if it gives you immunity, so you will need a shot every 4-6 months

🦠Covid: Sorry, I don’t believe posts and articles coming from that news site and I don’t care if you’ve done you’re own unbiased research. I don’t even care about your anectodal evidence.

💉Vaxxines: I haven’t done any research on my own, but I believe what CNN and MSNBC tell me and I have my own anecdotal evidence🤷🏼♀