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Motorola manipulates Cell Phone RF Radiation study results

Jerry Phillips a Biochemistry Researcher was hired by Motorola to study the effects caused by cell phones due to the RF Radiation they emit. The relationship between Phillips and his employer was good in the initial stages, but it started to go download as he started to supply the research data he was getting. Motorola was not happy with the negative results coming in, and they started to interfere in his work and started to discuss how they can spin the data to suit their needs. They even started telling him how to carry out his research.

He was forced to break his contract with Motorola when they urged him to not publish the research results which exposed the adverse effects of mobile phones. In 1998, Phillips decided to publish his research despite of the opposition from Motorola. This move greatly upset the former FDA executives now working for Motorola. Phillips also reveals his disgust and disappointment at it being impossible for scientists to do honest, unbiased research on telecommunication due the strangle hold of the industry. Where the only finance available for research is from the telecom industry, and they use this to manipulate data and ensure the results suit their liking.

This excerpt is from the documentary Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the “Wireless Revolution”, which examines the economics, the politics, and the potentially irreversible health effects caused by cell phones and cell tower microwave technology.

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