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Modern Candles are Not Safe to Use

This video, Modern Candles are Not Safe to Use, was filmed at Kovalam Beach, at Vizhinjam Lighthouse, in Kovalam, Kerala, India.

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Check out this Dangerous Modern Candles video

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Check out this Dangerous Modern Candles video

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Check out this Dangerous Modern Candles video

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Candles have been around for centuries, and although not as popular now since the advent of the first lamps, and then electricity, almost everyone still has them somewhere in their home, either as a backup light source in case of power cuts, for romantic occasions, or for relaxation and natural therapies.

Like any industry, the candle industry has moved from making its products with safe materials, to using cheaper ones with associated health risks so they can make more profits. The Romans used tallow, the Chinese used whale fat or beeswax, and the Indians used wax from cinnamon.

Eventually, paraffin, a fuel by-product, became the main source for candle wax, but it needs to be combined with stearic acid to make it useable, normally in a 1:9 ratio. Today, due to the demand for coloured and scented candles, paraffin is mixed with organic compounds in a blend. This makes knowing what is in a candle very difficult.

But we do know that paraffin is still there, and studies have shown that it gives off carcinogenic vapors, with some of the most dangerous chemicals known to mankind. These chemicals include mercury, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and acetone. These chemicals can flat out kill you, and if they don’t expect cancer to come knocking at your door soon.

Being around paraffin candles is just as bad as being around second hand smoke. The soot they release into the air is the same as what comes out of a diesel engine. Many other chemicals are released, including the same toxins found in paint, laquer and varnish products. Plus, whatever else they combine it with will have more toxic effects.

Then, there is the issue of the wick ingredients. They are traditionally made out of braided cotton, but nowadays have dangerous stiffeners added to them. Lead was the first one, before that was banned in some countries, but they just replaced it with other heavy metals like antimony, zinc, tin and copper, or synthetic fibres.

The modern scents and colourings make candles even more dangerous, increasing the number of harmful chemicals they contain. Most scented candles emit hormone disrupting and cancer-causing phthalates, which lead to birth defects, organ damage, and much, much more.

As pretty as they look, and as beautiful as they smell, today’s modern candles are not safe to use. Thankfully, there are safe alternatives, which can actually purify the air in your house. To learn more about them, visit my website at