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Listening to the News is Bad for Your Health (Except This)

Did you know that 90% of what you read, watch or listen to is controlled by 15 billionaires and the 6 corporations who own almost all U.S. media?

But not only can you not trust the news sources, but their news contains extreme bias, clickbait headlines, political agendas, and fear mongering.

From a health perspective, there have been studies proving that watching, reading, and listening to the news has a negative effect on your health.

The news causes problems with blood pressure, your heart, and your mental health, not to mention they brainwash you to buy / use big pharma products.

So what if you want to get the news, but don’t want the side effects?


One source I can recommend is a service called Tip News.

Their team scans hundreds of news platforms and curates all the relevant news stories into a 5-minute easy to read email.

There is no agenda, no clickbait, no bias – just the facts.

They cover everything from business, sports, culture, politics, entertainment, world events, fun recommendations, trivia, and life hacks.

It is cleanly organized into bullet-pointed categories, so you can scan through and find what you are interested in, and is fun and entertaining too.


If you want to remain in touch with the news, but are sick of the BS that comes with it, then Tip News is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s run by some of the people behind The Need to Grow, a documentary film which HealthGlade subscribers should be familiar with.

Since I know the content and themes in The Need to Grow, I know I can trust the people behind it, and I know I can trust Tip News.

Oh… and it’s 100% free to subscribe to Tip News and receive their curated content in your inbox.

I recommend Tip News, so CLICK HERE and take a look for yourself.

Click the button above to go to the Tip News website.