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Golf courses poison anyone that goes near them

This video, Golf courses poison anyone that goes near them, was filmed at The Atrium, at Cinnamon Grand Colombo, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Check out this Golf Courses use Toxic Chemicals video

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In the latter part of last century, golf courses were faced with a growing problem, that their staff were dying of cancer at rates far higher than other professions.

There were a few studies commissioned in the 1990s to try and identify the cause, and the finger was pointed at the use of chemicals used to maintain the golf courses. Vast areas of grass need vast amounts of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, and these were found to be harming not only the groundstaff, but also the waterways. They were leaching into them and affecting nearby animals and human life.

They already knew that these chemicals caused cancer, endocrine system disruption, and reproductive system damage, from studies done on agricultural applications. So when they looked into the use on golf courses, they found that they were using up to 7 times higher amounts for the same equivalent land area.

If you work on a golf course, you had better find a new job. It’s a dangerously toxic profession that can lead to a miserable death. It is also advisable to avoid the courses as a player, as many of the pesticides accumulate inside the body, with the effects being felt in your latter years.

It’s funny, because golf courses know that the grass is toxic. Some even put out warnings to players, such as don’t chew on golf tees, or don’t pick up blades of grass and put them in your mouth and chew on them. I guess they should probably warn the golfers that when they get home to not take off their shoes and lick them as well. How about telling them the truth, or stop using these harmful chemicals when there are albeit more expensive, but natural and safe golf course management solutions available. Stop putting profits before lives.

It’s not just golf workers and players who are affected, but the nearby residents. Their lives are being put in danger. People who buy high priced homes in golf course estates are paying top dollar to poison themselves. Stray balls smashing windows are not the only problem, as studies have been done on household dust taken from houses near golf courses.

They found the golf course chemical residue over half a kilometer away. They call it Pesticide Drift. The dust builds up on the floor, furniture, childrens toys, and beds. You touch them, you absorb it, and then you get sick.

Bad news for pregnant women too. These chemicals can bypass the placental barriers, and are neurotoxic to the fetus. The babies being born are damaged goods. They have all sorts of problems, and then are left to play on floors and with toys, and sometimes they put them in their mouths. They are all coated with golf course poisons and they are ingesting them directly. There may be no worse place to raise a family in than nearby a golf course.

I’m sure you get the idea. Stay away from golf courses. Don’t work at them, don’t play at them, and don’t live near them. Let’s force the golf courses to stop using chemicals which are killing us. Make golf courses natural again.

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