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Gardasil HPV vaccine causes Erectile Dysfunction

This video, Gardasil HPV vaccine causes Erectile Dysfunction, was filmed at Mount Lavinia Hotel, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Check out this Gardasil Vaccine Dangers video

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The HPV vaccine, commonly known as Gardasil, is being pushed on boys just as heavily as girls now. Originally it was marketed as a way to prevent cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers in young girls, but they were able to double their potential customers by then claiming that it is good for boys too, as it will prevent anal cancer and genital warts.

Gardasil may be one of the most useless and dangerous vaccines of all time, and every day there are reports of children being left hospitalized or paralysed by this vaccine, or even dying. Other reported side effects include brain damage, ruptured organs, POTS, seizures, baldness, IBS, and vision loss.

So if you are a boy and are considering getting a Gardasil vaccine, you can look forward to all of these potential side effects, but I’ve got 1 more special one for you. Erectile Dysfunction. That’s right. If you get a HPV vaccine, your penis may never work again. Sorry, no more sex for you.

Researcher Lloyd Phillips conducted a 10 year analysis and pathophysiology of adverse reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine, and he has documented a significant number of males (both boys and men) who receive the vaccine, to experience varying degrees of erectile dysfunction as a result.

Why on earth would you take this risk to at best avoid anal cancer and genital warts? It’s pretty easy to avoid genital warts, and really, how many people do you know with anal cancer? Unless you are Elton John, is it really much of a chance?

Now all of this is assuming that Gardasil actually prevents these conditions. If you look at their package insert, they actually tell you that it hasn’t been proven to prevent anal cancer anyway. It specifically says Efficacy against anal cancer was not demonstrated because the number of cases was too small.

But the HPV vaccine still works against vaginal cancer or genital warts, right? Wrong. Merck, the makers of the vaccine, are currently being sued over their claims that it works against them. The reason is that one of their former staff members, now a whistleblower, says that the proof they presented was doctored and their efficacy tests are fraudulent.

So your choice is to either not get the vaccine and stay in good, or take the Gardasil vaccine, even when though there is no solid proof it protects you against anything, and potentially have a seizure, become paralysed, get brain damage, become blind, become bald, have your organs explode, die, or destroy your penis by not being able to get an erection anymore. I know which one I’ll be choosing.

For more information on vaccine dangers, and on ways to prevent and reverse erectile dysfunction, please visit my website at