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Febreze Contains Chemicals that are Illegal to Dump in the Environment

This video, Febreze Contains Chemicals that are Illegal to Dump in the Environment, was filmed at Varkala Beachside Cliff, in Varkala, Kerala, India.

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Febreze. The famous odor remover. I used to use this crap, back in the days when I had no clue about health, and other things. I remember being in my young 20’s, going nightclubbing in the winter on Friday nights after work, then on Saturday nights I would put on the same jacket, since I only had one of them, so I would literally coat it with Febreze to remove the cigarette and nightclub stench.

Today, there would be no way I would go anywhere near Febreze. I was fooled back then into thinking it removed odors, but it instead just masks them by covering them with a toxic slew of chemicals, including Dialkyl Sulfosuccinates, Benzisothiazolinone, Cyclodextrin, and Sodium Polyacrylate. So you breathe in the chemicals instead of smelling the odors.

That is just what is listed on the label, as the manufacturers of Febreze, Procter & Gamble, failed to disclose many of the ingredients on the labels. Testing by the Environmental Working Group found that it contains Acetaldehyde, Ethyl Acetate, BHT, Propylene Glycol, and 1,3-Dichloro 2-Propanol, and many more.

In fact, they found it contains 87 ingredients. It’s too many to cover them all, but to outline how bad they are, if you dump some of these chemicals in the environment, you will face criminal charges. But somehow you can sell them in a bottle and spray them around the environment.

These chemicals have been shown to cause cancer, neurotoxicity, allergies, asthma, skin disorders, lung disease, hormone disruption, immune system toxicity, reproductive problems, endocrine system damage, and loss of vision. In short, this product should not be allowed to be sold. It needs to be banned.

People can feel the toxic effects immediately, as can animals. Go to and check out the reviews for all of the Febreze product variations. There are so many people who experience dangerous reactions to this chemical soup. These are the fortunate ones, because they can throw it in the bin. Others who don’t get visible reactions continue to use Febreze, and the chemicals I mentioned before accumulate in the body, until they develop serious medical conditions.

The best advice I can give you is to stop using Febreze, and for safe and effective odor solutions, please visit my website at