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Fabric Softened Clothes Offgas Chemicals All Day

This video, Fabric Softened Clothes Offgas Chemicals All Day, was filmed at Santhigiri Ashram, in Pothencode, Kerala, India.

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Check out this Toxic Fabric Softeners video

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Check out this Toxic Fabric Softeners video

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If there was a product to sum up today’s snowflake offended by everything society, it would be fabric softener. Can’t handle the heat of life, don’t worry, your soft fluffy clothing will protect you.

Fabric softeners contain a slew of harsh chemicals, which stay on your clothing for a very long time. Meaning that the next time you wear them, the deadly chemicals are being absorbed into your skin, and you breathe in the vapors which are being off-gassed.

Got skin rashes, headaches, dizziness, or breathing difficulties? It could be the poison laced clothes that you are wearing. Feeling depressed? Might not have anything to do with your mind, but rather what clothes you have on.
Let’s take a look at 10 of the common ingredients in Fabric Softeners.

Alpha Terpineol – Causes respiratory system damage.
Benzyl Acetate – Causes cancer and lung irritation.
Benzyl Alcohol – Causes lung failure, convulsions, paralysis.
Camphor – Causes central nervous system disorders.
Chloroform – Causes kidney, liver, and heart disease, cancer, and death.
Ethanol – Causes brain and nervous system disorders.
Ethyl Acetate – Cause internal organ damage.
Limonene – Causes cancer, skin allergies, and eye irritation.
Linalool – Causes anything from skin irritation to death.
Phthalates – Causes cancer, organ damage, and reproductive damage.

Can’t smell these toxic chemicals when you wear your fabric softened clothes, well its because they are masked with other toxic fragrance chemicals.

Not only that, they’ll destroy your clothes, wasting your money. They make the material less absorbent, which is why I always find it funny to see people fabric softening their towels. Nothing like getting out of the shower and using a nice soft towel which has lost the ability to get you dry.

Plus, where do you think these chemicals go? Out in the drains, polluting the oceans, harming the environment, killing the animals, and poisoning our water supplies. Only a selfish person would use fabric softeners. Trading soft clothes for the slow destruction of the world.

Your share of suffering is coming up soon. People can use fabric softeners for years, and then they get cancer, organ failure, or nervous system disorders. They can get all the fancy treatments they like, but they are still wearing the cause every day, so the treatments won’t work. You must eliminate the cause. How many people today are suffering, and they don’t know it’s their fabric softened clothes which are the reason behind it.

Stop using fabric softeners. You are killing yourself and the environment. Make sure you spread the word, because if you stop using them, but everyone you meet each day still is, you are breathing in their chemical off-gassing.

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