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Dr. Niels Harrit interview with Braindead BBC Reporter

Dr. Niels Harrit is the Associate Professor for the Department of Chemistry at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, and a internationally distinguished scientist who has published a large number of scientific papers. He was part of the scientific team which discovered nanothermite in dust samples from the 9-11 World Trade Centre attacks, and since then has had his credibility attacked by the Zionist media to no end.

When asked to be interviewed by the BBC for part of their Conspiracy Files series, which was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to debunk the 9-11 truth movement, Dr. Niels Harrit decided to record a copy of the interview for himself. The interviewer Michael Rudin shows that this was a setup from the beginning with his barbaric interviewing style, and the final production painted Dr. Niels Harrit as a conspiracy nutcase. Fortunately this true copy of the interview was recorded, and it proves that Michael Rudin is a braindead moron, who tries to force a series of utterly ridiculous beliefs onto Dr. Niels Harrit, some of which defy all sense of logic and scientific possibility.

Although the interview is quite long, it is jam-packed with information proving that the Twin Towers were brought down on 9-11 with explosives, and that the planes were not responsible for their destruction. It also shows the evil within the Zionist controlled media outlets such as BBC, who will go to great lengths to ensure that their lies and misinformation remain circulating in the minds of the Sheeple population.


Check out this Dr. Niels Harrit video