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Don’t Cut Out Your Appendix

This video, Don’t Cut Out Your Appendix, was filmed at Al Seef, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Check out this Appendix is a necessary organ video

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Check out this Appendix is a necessary organ video

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Check out this Appendix is a necessary organ video

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Check out this Appendix is a necessary organ video

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You have probably heard before that the appendix is not needed. It’s an organ which serves no purpose. When making the human body, God made a mistake. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you hear someone tell you that, know for sure, that that person is an idiot.

The appendix is part of the body’s lymphatic system. Just like the tonsils, spleen, and thymus. Which funnily enough, are also organs that the white coat doctors say are useless, so they can cut them out and charge you thousands of dollars for the privilege.

It serves a number of purposes in the body. As it is located between the small and large intestines, it checks for infectious material in any undigested food, as well as incoming invaders, and will stimulate the immune system to remove any threats it finds.

A similar purpose is served by the Peyer’s Patches a little further up in the small intestine. The body has these lymphatic protectors, as naturally, we want to destroy any bacteria before it breaches the intestinal wall during food absorption.

Additionally, the path of the large intestine is not a downhill slope, with much of the passage being uphill. The appendix also helps to provide lubrication to ease the friction along this journey.

The appendix also helps to regulate the lymphatic, neurologic, and endocrine systems.

And lastly, traditional Chinese and Indian medicine have known for thousands of years, that it breeds large quantities of friendly bacteria, which it releases into the gastrointestinal tract.

So, the appendix serves a lot of purposes in the human body, and you would be crazy to cut it out. But what causes appendicitis, and how can you fix it?

I’ll give you a little statistic.

Thanksgiving is a day when Americans act like pigs and stuff themselves full of ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food. And the day after thanksgiving is the number 1 day of the year in the USA for hospital admissions due to appendicitis attacks. Connect the dots.

Appendicitis is simply an overload of crap in the body. When the food overload reaches the appendix, it becomes impacted, constipated, and the toxic load causes immense inflammation. It’s that simple.

If you have appendicitis, the first step is to stop eating. Don’t put more waste down there and clog it up even more.

To fix the problem, you have to take a bowel flush remedy to clear out the buildup. There are good external solutions like applying a castor oil pack, or a number of internal remedies that you can take orally.

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