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Candida is an Overlooked Cause of Edema

This video, Candida is an Overlooked Cause of Edema, was filmed at Vizhinjam Beach Grand Mosque in Vizhinjam, Kerala, India.

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Edema, otherwise known as fluid buildup, or water retention, is a condition where parts of the body swell to abnormal size, and although it can be found almost anywhere on the body, is commonly seen in the hand and feet areas.

If you go to a western doctor, they will go over the standard known causes, such as diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, adrenals, or conditions like protein deficiency, hormone imbalance, blood clots, or medication side effects. But there is one edema reason they are unfamiliar with, and it may even be the root cause of one of the aforementioned cases: Candida.

A western doctor is so clueless about Candida that they might even deny it exists. They receive no formal training on it, and wouldn’t have a clue how to treat it, so how could they diagnose it? This is why many edema patients suffer for years on end without receiving a cure.

If they stopped to think for a minute, they may see that a clue to Candida being the culprit is right before their eyes. People with swollen lips, and women with a swollen labia and vulva, are side effects from a yeast infection, of which is Candida.

But let’s look at the Candida Edema mechanisms, of which there are many. The first is that candida produces a boatload of toxins, which the body can’t effectively eliminate. Fat and fluid retention are the result, as the body tries to move them away from the vital organs, which is why the hands and the feet are the 2 commonly affected areas.

Candida causes low blood sugar, partly due to the alcoholic nature of candida toxins, resulting in the body needing to produce adrenaline. The adrenals get stressed, as does the liver in the toxin cleanup, and these are 2 of the organs doctors will check on when a patient has edema.

Any yeast toxin, including those from candida, has been shown in numerous studies to make cell walls brittle and rigid. This is particularly damaging to the kidney, which is another edema risk organ, and many other hormone producing organs, which is why hormone imbalances may be a result of candida.

So can Candida be the underlying cause of your Edema? Definitely, yes. If you are a new sufferer, it is wise to cover all bases and check as many possible causes as you can. If you are a long time sufferer who the doctors can’t find a solution for, then Candida might be hidden cause that you have been searching for.

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