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Cancer; The Integrative Perspective

Nathan Crane, is a writer, speaker and documentary maker and the award winning author and associate producer of the PBS series “Ageless Living”, who is also passionate about healthy and sustainable living. In “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective”, an independent feature documentary directed by him, which has won over 16 awards, he explores the shocking and often misunderstood causes of cancer, while investigating the new paradigm of holistic and integrative approaches for preventing and reversing cancer.



Cancer; The Integrative Perspective is dedicated to Nathan’s grandfather who sadly passed away from cancer several years ago. The loss of his grandfather prompted Nathan to conduct a lot of research into cancer, and his accumulated knowledge has resulted in this film.

The film consists mainly of excerpts from interviews with various experts, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and cancer survivors including brilliant interviews with world-renowned medical doctors including Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, the late Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. Francisco Calvo, Dr. Sunil Pai, and Dr. Thomas Lodi. The inspiring stories from cancer survivors bring real hope and possibility from Adrea Brier, Elaine Gibson, Dr. Veronique DeSaulniers, Jackie Mendez, and more.

Health experts, researchers, master teachers and scientists share thought provoking evidence and new insights about the power of the mind, thoughts and beliefs, eastern traditions, the immune system, and physical healing including Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, the late Bill Henderson and late Burton Goldberg, Mark Waldman, Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze, Chris Wark, Mike Adams, Master Mingtong Gu and Ty Bollinger who give hope and evidence that you can dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer, and even reverse existing cancer.


Some of the main topics that the film covers are:

  • The current statistics of cancer
  • What causes cancer
  • Toxins and hormone disrupters
  • Food
  • The immune system
  • The power of thoughts and beliefs
  • Combining different kinds of treatment to form an integrative approach to treating cancer


Some of the interesting facts that can be learned from watching this film are:

  • Everyone has cancer cells in their body. They are only noticeable and get diagnosed when they have grown out of control.
  • Our immune system requires a lot of energy to function properly. When we are experiencing stress, most of our energy goes to our adrenal system. Also, our stress hormones shut off the immune system.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices are great for you, but make sure to swish them in your mouth before swallowing. This way, your saliva can do it’s job in the first stages of breaking down the food, just like it would if you ate a whole piece of fruit.
  • The power of thought is hugely important. Our beliefs literally change our biology, for better or worse. The placebo effect works because a positive belief in healing really does heal!


If you found these facts interesting and useful then watching the whole film will leave you flabbergasted with the amount of information it has to offer and more knowledgeable to deal with cancer!

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