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Building a Healthy Terrain Summit

Event Name: Building a Healthy Terrain Summit
Event Date: 22-28 March 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Louis Pasteur is known for developing the Germ Theory.

It’s the basis of modern medicine, but on his deathbed he admitted:

“I was wrong. The germ is nothing. The Terrain is everything.”


We know now that he was correct.

It doesn’t matter how many bacteria and pathogens we are exposed to.

But rather how our internal terrain copes and deals with these exposures,

Is what determines whether we get sick or not.


Get the physical, emotional, spiritual and ecological tools you need,

To build healthy terrain that keeps you resistant to all external pathogens,

At the Building a Healthy Terrain Summit.

Learn how nutrition, getting your hands in the dirt, getting adequate sunlight, controlling emotions, having gratitude and appreciation, feeding your good microbes, and expanding your energy field, all help build a strong terrain.


This summit also touches on a number of interesting topics, including:

  • How gardening is a powerful healing remedy
  • Why women are under intense pressure to be thin
  • How your health can mirror that of animals nearby you
  • Why belonging to a like minded group makes you healthier
  • Using art, creativity, and ancestral healing modalities


You are going to learn amazing things taken from ancient wisdom,

That will allow you to weather anything that life throws your way.

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