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Avoid Products that Contain Vegetable Glycerin

This video, Avoid Products that Contain Vegetable Glycerin, was filmed at Thakkaaram Restaurant, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

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Vegetable glycerin – it’s used in food, cosmetics, especially skin products, pharmaceuticals, hair products, toothpaste, soap, makeup, and even vaping products. So we eat it, inhale it, and put it on our skin and hair.

It’s pretty popular, and it comes from vegetables, but is it really that safe?

Don’t let the term vegetable mislead you, as vegetable glycerin is actually a sugar alcohol, which means that your body can’t fully absorb it. Your body tries to expel it, which is why it often produces vomiting and diarrhea, or other immediate side effects like nausea, dizziness, headaches, gas, stomach aches, body aches, gastro, and excessive thirst.

I know those side effects don’t sound nice, but believe me, that is the good part; because if you take too much, and the body is unable to expel it, you can be left permanently blind, or you can die.

Vegetable glycerin is a mucous membrane irritant, which is why when you inhale it, it causes a number of different respiratory ailments: wheezing, pain, and swelling of the tongue. It is in fact toxic to the lungs, and can cause permanent lung damage. Similarly, when applied to the skin, irritation also occurs, and it is often responsible for causing skin allergies. Same thing when ingesting, it irritates the gut and causes many different internal issues in the body.

Now those are the reactions to vegetable glycerin alone, but since it is from vegetables and is a humectant which draws in water and bacteria, its use in many products which require a very long shelf life, so that demands that preservatives are added. The side effects of the preservatives are pretty similar to the vegetable glycerin itself, so you can expect a double dose of punishment if you use products with have added preservatives, of which most of them do.

So check out the ingredient labels of your products, and if there is vegetable glycerin listed, you would be wise to avoid it. For a list of safe alternative products, whether it be skin, hair, bathroom, or cosmetics, check out the resources on my website at