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Anti-Cancer Revolution 2: Evidence-Based Medicine

Event Name: Anti-Cancer Revolution 2: Evidence-Based Medicine
Event Starts: 19th October 2020
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The majority of people know that Chemotherapy is completely useless.

This is why 77% of cancer patients seek out alternative therapies.

But it is hard to find ALL of the top alternative cancer treatments.

You know… the ones that really work, and get the best results.

Google removes them from the search results…

and if posted on Facebook and social media, it is quickly taken down.


Thankfully, Ryan Sternagel, host of the Integrative Answers to Cancer podcast, has put them all together in The Anti-Cancer Revolution 2.


This is a very valuable resource. You or a family member are likely to get cancer one day, so make sure you register and secure this knowledge.

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