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$1,000,000 Reward for Proof that COVID-19 Exists

Wanted: Dead or Alive … The elusive COVID-19. They say it exists, but so far, they have not given any proof. It’s never been isolated, and never shown to be real. A bit like Santa Claus.

Anyway, for those who blindly believe the governments that COVID-19 is real … here is the opportunity of a lifetime. HealthGlade is officially offering $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove that COVID-19 exists.

Now I’m talking about real proof. Don’t bother sending a video of some newsreader on a mainstream media TV channel squawking like a parrot that it exists. Don’t bother sending a link to a study that has a cool sounding title, but you haven’t read it because you don’t understand it.

You will need to provide actual scientific proof. Proof that it has been isolated, and then proof that the isolated virus does in fact cause COVID-19, such as a demonstration of the supposed harm it causes. ie. Fulfill Koch’s Postulates.

Once you have foolproof evidence that COVID-19 exists, contact us to book an appointment time to make a submission. All submissions will be made over a Zoom call, where you will be required to personally present your evidence and show proof. You will need to provide your personal details so we know who you are, and agree that the recording of the zoom call will be placed on our social media video channels, so it can be independently assessed by the public. If you have provided irrefutable evidence, we will happily pay you the money.

And if you don’t have proof it exists, ask yourself, why do you believe in COVID-19?