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The Greatest Threat to Your Health (and How to Protect Yourself)

Event Name: Tackling the 5G and EMF Nightmare
Event Starts: 7th December 2023
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You can’t see them, can’t smell them, can’t hear them, but they’re killing you.

I’m talking about EMFs (Electro-magnetic fields).

They’re everywhere – coming from all electrical devices, and even more powerful and dangerous ones from wifi, mobile phones, and smart meters.

The telecommunications industry has been desperately trying to cover up the health dangers, but more and more evidence keeps being uncovered.

We saw the same thing with cigarettes, with the tobacco industry knowing for years that their products caused cancer, death, and disability.

Scientific studies showed the dangers from at least the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that they admitted it caused cancer, and was addictive.

Some authorities are taking action to protect citizens from EMF dangers.

China requires pregnant women to wear special clothing to protect the fetus.

In Israel, phones must have a sticker that warns people they cause cancer.

In France, wifi is banned in nursery schools for safety reasons.

The WHO has even classified this microwave radiation as a Class-2 carcinogen, which is the same cancer category as lead and smoking.

The US has SAR Federal radiation limits, but they are not well enforced.

A few years ago the Chicago Tribune found that 9 out of 10 phones exceeded these safe radiation limits (the iPhone was 400% over the limit).

And the SAR is a useless reading anyway, since it was based on large men, so regular men, women, and children get even higher doses of radiation.

In fact, scientists have found that exposure to EMFs at levels 100 times lower than the Federal radiation limits causes extensive health problems.

Tumors in the brain, salivary glands, eyes, testicles, breasts, and leukemia.

Plus physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, rashes, vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss, and abnormal development in babies and children.

This abnormal development mainly consisted of babies with small heads and chests, and a 400% increase in brain tumors in children who used phones.

The phone companies know of these dangers, as they tell you in the phone’s manuals not to put it against your head, and keep it more than 1-inch away.

The iPhone 12 was even released with a medical warning issued.

Scientists have produced thermographic images that show mobile phones cook the brain, and a 2008 study showed a 85% decrease in sperm vitality.

3 expert medical groups have linked EMF to cancer (especially in children).

The US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the European Scientific Committee.

And part from cancer, EMFs have been proven to cause depression, fatigue, sleep issues, memory loss, headaches, anxiety, and being easily agitated.

There are some frightening cases studies of even more serious conditions, like the woman who got a 3 week long migraine after buying a new iPhone.

And a Detroit man who had a stroke within 5 minutes of 5G being turned on.


At present, Dr. Magda Havas, an international EMF expert, estimates that 35% of the population have mild to moderate electrosensitivity.

This number will jump, and the mild cases will become severe, as more 5G towers get rolled out around the world.

5G has been described as one of the greatest threats to humanity… ever.

253 EMF scientists from 44 different nations signed an urgent appeal to the UN (WHO & UNEP) and their member states, warning against the 5G rollout.

There are many cases of pilots and doctors who can’t work anymore because of the wifi in their planes and hospitals.

Children allergic to this new wifi (from their schools) are now dead.

The health risks are just one of the dangers of 5G, with the totalitarianism we see in China (using 5G technology), should put fear into your heart.

Their citizens are being forced into having a social credit score, with it being mandatory for life, and millions of people suffering.

The “bad people” can’t get a mortgage, can’t board a train, can’t travel, can’t buy certain goods, and some are even blocked from seeing their family.

It’s worse in schools, with children having to wear uniforms with chips so 5G can be used to track their location at all times.

There are robots in the classrooms, constantly scanning the children for obedience, punishing them for things like yawning, or checking their phones.

The children are also required to wear headbands during classes, which monitor their brain activity to make sure they are concentrating.

The streets are filled with a giant network of cameras with facial recognition, and shops have got rid of cash, with payments being made with face scans.

China claims they can find anyone within 5 minutes. They watch you and control your whole life, and punish you if you are not “obedient”.

This sounds like a living nightmare, and it’s all made possible with 5G.

Every government in the world has plans to adopt China’s social credit system, and apart from this miserable life, you WILL be bathed in radiation.

The cancers, the deaths, the suffering and the misery that is caused by today’s radiation will seem like nothing when we are all forced into using 5G.


So the danger is present, and greater dangers are close by on the horizon.

If you wait around for the government to protect you, you’ll already be dead.

We need to protect ourselves from EMFs, and here are a few tips to start.

Don’t use electric blankets, cordless phones, fluorescent light bulbs, baby monitors, microwaves, smart TVs, wifi, wireless chargers, or bluetooth.

For “essential” items, get more distance from them so the radiation is less.

You won’t be able to escape the radiation, especially if you live in a city, but if you stop or reduce using the main culprit devices, you’ll be better off.

If you want to completely protect yourself against the EMF onslaught and the cancer and other diseases that it causes, then invest in Qi technology.

There are specially designed Qi devices that have been designed to set up a field of electrons that protect you from all EMFs in the environment.

Using advanced German technology, there are specially designed Qi devices that create a field of electrons that protect you from all incoming EMFs.

There are both portable and home devices available, which can be used to protect your family, your pets, and even plants and food within the field.

The protective field even goes through your house walls, covering the whole house, so EMF particles can no longer cause harm to you and your family.

There have been over 25 different independent studies proving that not only will these devices protect you from EMFs, but also improve your health.

The electrons Qi devices produce can also be used for your own life energy production, and this is why the device was named Qi.

ATP (the source of energy in our cells) is made by the burning of electrons.

So when we give our bodies more electrons, we can make more ATP.

Blood tests have proven that the Qi produces more ATP and more energy.

Other tests have been done on adrenaline levels, brain waves, and body heat, which are factors that are known to be effected by EMFs.

In these studies, the Qi devices produced positive changes, and the results reversed when they removed the devices without telling the participants.

In fact, in Europe, if you want to sell a device, the courts have to check and testify that the product works, and Qi devices have been certified to work.

Some of the best proof comes straight from people who have used Qi devices, with reports of headaches, fatigue, and pain going away instantly.

One user said digestion improved, sleep got better, and brain fog vanished all within 24 hours, and another said they got the best sleep of their life.

Another user said their stress and anxiety went away within just 2 hours.

Qi devices protect against 5G, wifi, smart meters, cordless phones, mobile phones, and practically any form of EMF or e-radiation you can think of.


The info above is only scratching the surface, and to learn more about EMF dangers and Qi devices, I recommend watching this incredible webclass.

Tackling the 5G and EMF Nightmare will show you The Greatest Threat to Your Health (and How to Protect Yourself), and much more.

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