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Trauma & Mind Body Super Conference

Event Name: Trauma & Mind Body Super Conference
Event Starts: 29th June 2020
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

67% of people have been exposed to a toxic source that leads to a 20-year reduction in lifespan.

What is it?


Enter the Trauma & Mind-Body Super Conference.

Hear from over 90 world-leading experts in mind-body medicine, trauma resolution and functional medicine, and learn:

The Trauma & Mind-Body Super Conference will teach you:

  • How childhood trauma effects adult biology, neurology, & epigenetics.
  • Proven approaches for healing attachment trauma and PTSD.
  • How your hormones, diet, and gut health affects mental health.
  • Neuroscience research and the role of the vagus nerve for healing.
  • Energetic solutions which can help heal the brain and trauma.
  • And much more!

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