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EMF Hazards Summit

Event Name: EMF Hazards Summit
Event Starts: 30th September 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Worried about 5G and it’s devastating health effects?

Worried about Electromagnetic Radiation causing cancer?

You’re not alone.

You are one of hundreds of thousands of people looking for solutions.

Whether you are already struggling with low energy and/or mysterious health challenges, or just want to protect your health in the future…

Then the 26 experts in the EMF Hazards Summit have the answers.


You will learn:

  • The telltale signs that you have developed EMF sensitivity
  • How to eliminate the technologies that are harming your health
  • The most dangerous places to keep a cell phone on your body
  • Cheap ways to switch your gadgets to low-EMF alternatives
  • The 50+ year old documents proving the govt knows about the dangers
  • How to detoxify your home and make it safe from EMF pollution
  • The long term risks of remaining in an EMF polluted environment
  • Why 5G is one of the most dangerous technologies of all time
  • The toxins in your blood which react to EMF, and how to remove them
  • The safest way to use a cell phone, without getting cancer
  • How dangerous is dirty electricity, and how to get rid of it in your home
  • Why solar panels create a huge EMF, and how to install them correctly
  • Which supplements have the ability to protect you from EMF

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