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Breast Cancer is caused by Antiperspirant Deodorants

This video, Breast Cancer is caused by Antiperspirant Deodorants, was filmed at Pettah Floating Market, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Check out this Aluminium in Antiperspirant Deodorants video

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There are a wave of new underarm deodorants hitting the stores that are being marketed as having 0% aluminium, and consumers are moving over to these products from their traditional anti-perspirant deodorants.

The reason is that it is claimed that the aluminium in anti-perspirant deodorants causes breast cancer. The deodorants do contain it, because it is specifically the aluminium in them which blocks the underarm sweat ducts, hence the name anti-perspirant.

Like usual, the mainstream media will accept money to put out fake and misleading articles on the subject, creating doubt in the consumers mind as to whether anti-perspirant deodorants really do cause breast cancer. So, let’s take a look at the facts.

There have been dozens of studies done which all show that the highest incidences of breast cancer occur in the upper outer quadrant. These studies have been done for decades, and as more people started to use anti-perspirants, the incidences of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant increased in ratio, with the rates exceeding 60%, compared to the other 3 quadrants and the 1 middle section.

Now the upper outer quadrant just so happens to be the area closest to the underarms, and where the anti-perspirant deodorants are being sprayed. Plus, we already know that aluminium is genotoxic and carcinogenic, and the skin is permeable to it. You would have expect each of the 5 sections to have an even 20% distribution, so when 1 section has 60% of all the breast cancers, even Blind Freddy can see there is a problem.

But how do we know it’s the aluminium. Well, there have been other studies where scientists took breast fat tissue and tested it for aluminium content, and they did indeed find a significantly higher amount of aluminium in the upper outer quadrants near the underarm.

More evidence was found in a study which showed that women who used anti-perspirants had a higher risk for breast cancer, and also confirmed the higher aluminium concentrations in the breasts, while another study measured the breast cyst fluids and found that they also had raised aluminium levels.

Then there was a study taking a different angle, which showed that multiple issues caused by aluminium toxicity in the body disappeared once they stopped using anti-perspirants.

Finally, there was a good study done on mice, where they treated their breast cells with aluminium chloride, at the same concentrations found in human breast tissue, and large metastatic tumours formed in the mice.

The evidence that anti-perspirant deodorants cause breast cancer is overwhelming, but there are 2 more important points to know. Firstly, you can get breast cancer from other exposures to aluminium, and that aluminium can be deposited in the breasts. Common sources are from antacids, vaccinations, and cooking utensils and products.

Secondly, aluminium is not the only cause of breast cancer. There is a demonstrated link to oral bacteria, and there are known breast cancer causing parabens in many personal care products. Keep this in mind, but ditching the anti-perspirants should be the first step you take to keep yourself free of breast cancer.

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