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BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously

Event Name: BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously
Event Starts: 26th September 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

There is an interesting (and without a doubt, very controversial) documentary series coming up, called BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously.

Unlike my normal write-ups, I am going to start off with a disclaimer.

I do not believe all the claims made in this docu-series.

Especially when they claim that c*v*d is a lab-made bioweapon.

It’s just not true.

But they also make a lot of other controversial claims in the docu-series.

Like that millions of people have been injured (and died from) the vaccines.

This is true, and there are millions of testimonials online from the victims, their friends, and family members, detailing this fact.

The docu-series also covers the future big brother surveillance, and plans for global depopulation (controlling the population, and population control).

This is also true, and the documentation detailing it has been leaked.

So while I considered not sharing this docu-series due to the misinformation it contains, I felt what it did get right was too important not to share.


The Brave docu-series also covers:

  • How the vaccine injuries are happening and the mechanisms of action
  • Doctor’s protocols that are clinically proven to reverse vaccine injuries
  • Why a post-vax cancer surge is expected (and has already started)
  • How cancer and dementia are not terminal and not irreversible
  • The real reason why lockdowns were enforced upon the public
  • Why they want a “great reset” to depopulate the world
  • What scientists have found inside vaccines after analyzing them
  • How to protect yourself against deadly governmental agendas
  • A top doctor exposing how the PCR tests are totally useless

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