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Body Electric Summit 2.0

Event Name: Body Electric Summit 2.0
Event Starts: 22nd February 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The first step to healing is recognising that you have an energy biofield.

… and that diseases are simply a state of having lost your optimal frequency.

As the enter an age of increased Wifi, 5G, and electrical signals, our energy biofields are coming under severe attack.

Because of this, it is now the most dangerous time to be alive in the history of the planet.

Sickness and disease are rampant in society.


Hope comes from the Body Electric Summit 2.0.

Learn how to recalibrate your biofield and energy systems.

Tune in to the resonance of healing.

Explore light, sound and color therapies.

Learn to mediate the negative impacts of EMF.

Discover energy codes and frequency healing.

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